Sayonara Japan

I’ve been home now for two weeks and still feel the remnants of my recent trip to Japan.
aka the jetlag…
Life as usual, back in the classroom and still busy letting everything sink in.

I had the luxury of being able to visit two great exhibitions in Tokyo; Chanoyu, the arts of tea ceremony/ and / Raku: the cosmos in a tea bowl.

Both of the exhibitions are definitely worth a visit, so if you find yourself in Japan right now, do not miss them!
The dark museum rooms, filled with Japanese ceramics, scrolls and utensils had a calming effect on me. Even though I bumped into Japanese people every step I took. And I mean, literally…

It’s a pity though that none of the catalogs were available in English. As I would love to read and remember al the great names that were part of this amazing part of history.
I have seen some sublime pieces, created by great potters and must say, they are a lot nicer to see in real life, standing in front of them, than in pictures. But as some of you are probably not in Tokyo at the moment, I’ve selected some of my favorites here.



(Yachiyo/Miyoshi Kohiki/Tannyu with mount fuji design)